For organisations: bundle applications

Our bundle application service is aimed at organisations and companies looking to make more frequent applications for our statement services on behalf of individual clients or applicants.

UK ENIC bundles can be a cheaper and more convenient option than one-off applications.

Purchasing a bundle package will ensure you receive priority treatment and a quicker turnround time, along with reduced unit cost.

You will also be assigned a UK ENIC Account Manager who you can contact with any queries regarding your package or applications.

There is more information below about the statement services available as bundles. To place an order, or to ask for more information about any of our bundle services, email [email protected].

A Statement of Comparability will show how an individual’s qualifications compare to the UK system.

It is designed to be used for several purposes including:

  • Employment
  • Study
  • Professional registration

The Statement of Comparability should be presented to prospective employers, institutions and organisations alongside the original qualification documents.

A scan or photo of the qualification holder’s final certificate

A scan or photo of the qualification holder’s full academic transcript

A scan or photo of certified English translations of the final certificate and transcript if the language is not covered by our Translation Waiver Service.

Colour scans or colour photos are best (this helps with the checking of documents)

No. of Statements Requested Bundle Price (per Statement) Full Bundle Price
5 £80 + VAT £400 + VAT
10 £75 + VAT £750 + VAT
20 £70 + VAT £1400 + VAT
30 £65 + VAT £1950 + VAT
40 £60 + VAT £2400 + VAT

To purchase a bundle package for the Statement of Comparability or to find out more information about the service, email [email protected].