eTRG4 – Education in China: a Fast Introduction
eTraining module information

This eTraining module is an introduction to the education system of China, which gives a thorough grounding across schools and HE, with particular attention to the changes in degree certificates since 2016. It is aimed at anyone seeking to better understand and evaluate the qualifications of some of the thousands of Chinese candidates coming to study or work in the UK every year.


This course serves as an introduction or refresher for those who want to be informed about education and qualifications in China.

The module introduces you to the education system in China and contains a breakdown of the features of original documents in Chinese. It includes essential information on accreditation arrangements in China, and explains the different types of Higher Education institutions.

To increase your chances of identifying fraudulent documents, the session includes a timeline summarising changes to the format of certificates, and example certificates for a range of academic qualifications from Senior Secondary School Graduation to Doctoral degrees. There are also links to resources that enable you to verify different types of qualifications.

To ensure you have absorbed the information, you can review and repeat sections of the module during your session, testing your learning via quizzes and questions.

Learning outcomes
  • develop your understanding of the education system in China
  • identify different types of documents issued in China
  • increase your awareness of possibly fraudulent documents
  • identify useful resources for document verification
  • explore the characteristics of different types of higher education institutions

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