Lisbon Recognition Convention

UK ENIC is the UK National Information Centre for global qualifications and skills. Formerly UK NARIC, following the UK’s departure from the European Union, the NARIC national recognition agency function is now known as UK ENIC - operated and managed by Ecctis.

UK ENIC is the official agency in the United Kingdom for the recognition of international qualifications and skills. It has performed this role since 1997 and derives its authority from the Lisbon Recognition Convention which came into effect in that year.

This convention obliges the signatory nations to make arrangements for recognising qualifications across borders - including the establishment of a national agency for recognition. UK ENIC fulfils this function for the United Kingdom, on behalf of the UK Government, and ensures the UK meets its international obligations.

More information about the Lisbon Recognition Convention is available on the Council of Europe website.

More information about the ENIC-NARIC centres across the globe is available here.