UK Qualification Reference Statement
A Statement for holders of UK qualifications

This service is for UK qualifications only.

This service is those who need detailed information about UK qualification(s).

It could be useful if you:

  • need to use your UK qualification overseas, for example, for employment or further study
  • hold an older qualification which is often misunderstood
  • completed a UK qualification overseas and need confirmation of its standing

If you hold a qualification awarded by a UK professional body (such as ACCA, CIMA, CIOB), this is not the service you require. For confirmation of the level of this type of qualification, you should apply for a Statement of Comparability.

If you hold a qualification from outside of the United Kingdom, you will not be eligible for the UK Qualification Reference Statement. Please find further information on our Statement of Comparability page.

We provide contextual information on your UK qualification. This could include entry requirement details, typical progression routes, standing according to UK frameworks, professional rights and the status of awarding bodies or institutions.

Applications for this service are made via email.

In your email, you should explain the purpose of your application so that we can provide the most relevant and useful information.

We will need photographs or scans of your:

  • final certificate(s)
  • transcript(s)


  • if relevant, information on transnational education arrangements at your institution.

To apply, download this form.

Email the completed form, together with photographs or scans of your documents to

[email protected]

If you have a deadline, we recommend that you use either our 24- or 48-hour Fast Track service. If you wish to use the Fast Track service, you should request this in your email.

If we can assist, we will reply to request payment for the service and postage.

Once we have received the required documents and payment, we will complete your statement in 20 working days (or 24/48 hours if you have paid for a Fast Track service.)

The UK Qualification Reference Statement costs £49.50 + VAT*

*VAT if applicable.

Plus delivery charge - see delivery options for details